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Ever since the founding of the company, we have been manufacturing electrical cabinets for our construction sites. As our company evolved and the demands of the market became more complex, we realized that scheme and cabinet production should be treated as an independent entity, which today has a significant share in the turnover of our company. Significant funds have been invested in the last five years. State-of-the-art equipment was purchased and a new facility was built, which increased the quality and production capacity. We can proudly boast that our distribution cabinets are installed in the most demanding industrial and commercial facilities around the world. As of 2017, we are EATON’s licensed partners for the production of xENERGY type-tested low voltage plants.

Type tested plants xENERGY and other low voltage switchgear cabinets

Since 2017, ELEKTROMONT-ILT d.o.o. has become a licensed partner of EATON, one of the world’s largest electricity companies, for the production of xENERGY up to 6300A type tested low voltage plants. The low voltage blocks are modular in type and are suitable for any further expansion according to your needs. Complete plants are manufactured and tested in accordance with IEC / EN 61439-1 and IEC / EN 61439-2 standards.

In addition to the xENERGY plant, we can offer low-voltage cabinets from other manufacturers, all according to your requirements.

Cabinets of automatics and electric motor drive

Automation cabinets are used for the needs of management and control systems that automate your business processes and give you information on the status of your equipment and devices. You can remotely control your systems and get information about their functionality, and in addition, you can achieve great energy savings and raise the energy efficiency of your facilities to a higher level. An experienced team of engineers from ELEKTROMONT-ILT d.o.o. you can always be at your service to propose the most efficient solution from idea to complete system startup.

Cabinets for reactive energy compensation

In cooperation with the testing and maintenance sector, we can perform an analysis of your network, make the most optimal solution, produce cabinets and put into operation a complete reactive energy compensation plant. Our long experience in these projects guarantees a quick return on investment and long-term savings in electricity.


All our cabinets are tested according to IEC 61439-1-2 guidelines and rules. Each test is conducted in several segments:

  2. Visual and mechanical inspection;
  3. Functional testing according to single-pole and three-pole cabinet schemes.

After testing, a test certificate is issued to guarantee the technical and functional correctness of the product.