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Testing and mainteance

The extensive experience gained in the construction of industrial and commercial facilities recommends us for cooperation and in the field of maintenance. Our people will make sure that your power plants and electrical installations do not compromise your production processes. Also, after years in the making, we realized that we needed to complement our business by testing and measuring. We currently have state-of-the-art measuring and testing equipment that can meet all your requirements regarding power line testing, plant, installation, power quality, as well as fiber optic and structural cable network testing.

Location of failures on power cables

Micro location of the failures

The Titron system for automatic cable fault location is characterized by efficient technology and intuitive operation. The next-generation and high-performance system is based on cutting-edge technology and provides efficient, secure and reliable cable fault location and cable testing and diagnostics.

VLF voltage testing of cables up to 35kV

VLF 0.1 Hz sine voltage is the standard prescribed for testing power cables with insulated polyethylene (XHE, XLPE…).

Determination of underground cable route

The tone generator allows you to determine the cable route, identify the cables, and find damage to the cable.

Identification of cable in the trench

The device is used to identify single-core and multi-core cables in the bundle. Using this device eliminates the risk of accidental cutting of the live cable.

Testing of substations

Measurement of grounding resistance

The devices at our disposal measure the grounding resistance of several methods (using probes, mains voltage, and appropriate current clamps).

Plant voltage testing

Before commissioning any substation, it is necessary to carry out a voltage test of the complete high voltage block. The measuring vehicle at our disposal can test all equipment up to 44kV.

Relay protection test

The Sverker 780 is a multifunctional device for efficient and easy testing of relay protection in substations.

Transformer coil insulation resistance test

In diagnostics of transformer status in operation, the resistance of the winding insulation is one of the most important parameters.

Testing of transformer oil

The impurities of the insulating liquids are evaluated by means of a breakdown test. Based on the test results, it can be determined whether the oil is old, whether there are impurities and whether the oil has been oxidized. Battery operated, portable, 75kV insulation oil dielectric strength tester gives us clear and reliable measurement results.

Installation testing

Testing of electrical and lighting conductors

In order to check the correct installation and to check the safety of the user and to prevent the conditions of fire outbreak, electrical and lighting protection installations shall be inspected and tested during the construction of the facility, before handing over to the user and during the statutory control periods.

Thermovision testing

Regular thermal inspection of plants, cabinets, and installations in operation can diagnose a potential problem even before a malfunction occurs. Overheating of certain conductors can give us information about overloading, poor connection, or under-dimensioning of certain devices in your electrical installation.

Network analysis

By measuring voltages and currents, the device calculates all other parameters and gives a complete diagnosis of electricity quality in accordance with EN 50160. In addition to voltages and currents, the device also measures power, frequency, harmonics, voltage drops, flickers … In cooperation with our electrical cabinets sector of production , we can offer a complete solution for reactive energy compensation.

Lighting level measurement

Due to its exceptional accuracy, in accordance with Class B, the MAVOLUX 5032 B is primarily used for the certification and verification of lighting levels. The additional measurement range with a large initial sensitivity of 0.01lx, allows extremely low light intensities to be measured, allowing reliable checking and anti-pan illumination.

Low current

Structural cabling certification

The first Cat8 cable analyzer, certified and endorsed by independent bodies for all Category 8 measurements, helps installers quickly, accurately and with profit maximize the manufacturer’s systemic guarantees for structural cabling. Permanent link and Channel link adapters with a full 2GHz band, allowing TIA Cat 5 to 8 field certification as well as ISO / IEC Class C to Fa and I / II.

Optical link testing by OTDR method

Time-domain optical reflectometers (OTDR) are used to test link quality as well as to accurately locate faults on SM and MM fibers. OTDR checks the optical link from one end shows the trace and all events such as connections, connectors, micro, and macro bending as well as the end of the fiber.